The Dylan Thomas Birthplace

Support The Birthplace

The Birthplace receives no public funding.
The house is run as a labour of love by Geoff Haden, supported by his daughter Sarah, Dylan expert & writer Alun Gibbard, and a handful of loyal volunteers.

The Birthplace is a living museum.
We hope to tell Dylan’s story, to promote his beautiful writing worldwide, to show where he wrote two-thirds of his work, and to be a welcoming space for everyone.

We completely understand that you may not be able to contribute financially but there are other ways you can help us.

  • Spread the word! Tell your family & friends about us.
  • Like, tag & share our social media posts. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.
  • Come and visit us for a house tour.
  • Book an overnight stay.
  • Attend one of our events. Either in person, or online.