The Restoration

Cwmdonkin Drive has been carefully restored over the past three years to its condition when bought as a new house by the Thomas family in 1914 just a few months before Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in the front bedroom.

The visit of Prince Charles to the Dylan Thomas Birthplace on 14th December 2012 marked the end of a nine year journey which began when local businessman Geoff Haden visited the house during on the 50th anniversary of the poet's death in 2003.

The crumbling ex-student bedsit house he found spurred him to take on the daunting restoration project when the lease became available two years later.

The culmination of the three year restoration was the opening of the house by Dylan's daughter Aeronwy on the 94th anniversary of Dylan's birth in 2008. The house is as it might have been in 1914 when bought by the Thomas family as a new house. The project could not have happened without a huge team effort from building craftsmen and building suppliers who were followed by the vast number of people involved in the furnishing of a whole house over a nine month period.

A three year, self funded, labour of love to restore Dylan Thomas' birthplace and family home