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Winner or the WTRA Trekking Class 2014, just beofre the Parade




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2014 SHOWS

Nevern Show               6th August 2014                                            

Gwenddwr Show           26th July 2014

Capel Bangor Show      2nd August 2014

Royal Welsh Show       1st - 24th July 2014                               

Erwood Show               30th August 2014

Haycastle show            16th August 2014


Advice to Entrants

If you are contemplating entering a Pony Trekking Class that is run by the
Wales Trekking & Riding Association (WTRA), here are a few tips that may help you.

1.     The pony/horse will be 4 years old or over, ridden in tack that is appropriate for trekking and the trekker suitably dressed and equipped for a twelve to eighteen mile trek.

First, the appropriate tack is:

Snaffle bridles only

No martingales or artificial aids

Hard hats (correct standards only).

Protection against rain and suitable footwear (not trainers)

Whips are not allowed
Second, the recommended equipment is:

Hoof Pick


First aid kit

Packed lunch

Pieces of string

Identification and medical information (if any)


Mobile phone


Pen knife

2.     After the initial parade, all competitors will be drawn in and the judge will then invite you to ride your individual show.

3.     Next you will be asked to dismount and unsaddle, placing your saddle in the front of your pony/horse. You should use the lead rope and stand, as if tied at lunchtime, whilst the judge checks you, your pony/horse and equipment.

4.     When the judge has finished his/her examination, you will be asked to replace your tack and remount. It is important that your pony/horse stands still whilst you remount.

5.     Finally, the judge will ask all competitors to parade before placing them in order of preference and presenting rosettes.

Entry fee