Dylan Thomas - The Works

Poetry Collections

  • 1934 18 Poems, The Sunday Referee; Parton Bookshop
  • 1936 Twenty-Five Poems, Dent
  • 1939 The Map of Love, Dent
  • 1943 New Poems, New Directions
  • 1946 Deaths and Entrances, Dent
  • 1949 Twenty-Six Poems, Dent
  • 1952 In Country Sleep and other poems, New Directions
  • 1952 Collected Poems, 1934–1952, Dent

Collected prose

  • 1940 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog, Dent
  • 1946 Selected Writings of Dylan Thomas, New Directions
  • 1953 Adventures In The Skin Trade And Other Stories (Adventures In The Skin Trade, an unfinished novel), New Directions
  • 1954 Quite Early One Morning (planned by Thomas, posthumously published by New Directions)
  • 1955 A Child's Christmas in Wales, New Directions
  • 1955 A Prospect of the Sea and other stories and prose writings, Dent
  • 1957 Letters to Vernon Watkins, Dent
  • 1965 Rebecca's Daughters, Triton
  • 1970 Twelve More Letters, Turret, (limited edition of 175)


  • 1954 Under Milk Wood (Radio play)
  • 1953 The Doctor and the Devils and Other Scripts
  • 1964 The Beach of Falesa (Screenplay)


  • 1982 Selected Works, Guild Publishing, London
  • 1984 The Collected Stories of Dylan Thomas, New Directions Publishing
  • 1986 Collected Letters, ed. Paul Ferris, MacMillan
  • 1992 On the Air With Dylan Thomas: The Broadcasts, ed. Ralph Maud, New Directions Publishing
  • 1994 Eight Stories, W. W. Norton & Co
  • 1995 Dylan Thomas: The Complete Screenplays, ed. John Ackerman, Applause Books
  • 1997 Fern Hill: An Illustrated edition of the Dylan Thomas poem. Red Deer College Press, Canada
  • 2000 Collected Poems 1934–1953, London: Phoenix
  • 2000 Selected Poems, London: Phoenix


  • 1978 A Child's Christmas in Wales illustrated by Edward Ardizzone, London: Dent (1996: re-published as Dolphin Paperback from Orion Children's Books)
  • 1985 The Outing illustrated by cartoonist Paul Cox, London: Dent


  • Dylan Thomas: Volume I — A Child's Christmas in Wales and Five Poems (Caedmon TC 1002–1952)
  • Under Milk Wood (Caedmon TC 2005–1953)
  • Dylan Thomas: Volume II — Selections from the Writings of Dylan Thomas (Caedmon TC 1018–1954)
  • Dylan Thomas: Volume III — Selections from the Writings of Dylan Thomas (Caedmon TC 1043)
  • Dylan Thomas: Volume IV — Selections from the Writings of Dylan Thomas (Caedmon TC 1061)
  • Dylan Thomas: Quite early one morning and other memories (Caedmon TC 1132–1960)
  • Dylan Thomas: Under Milk Wood and other plays (Naxos Audiobooks NA288712 – 2008) (originally BBC – 1954)

Posthumous film adaptations

Media depictions

  • 1962: Dylan Thomas, a short, Oscar-winning, documentary film with Richard Burton as narrator, directed by Jack Howells.
  • 1964: Dylan, a Broadway play by Sidney Michaels, starring Alec Guinness as Dylan Thomas and Kate Reid as Caitlin.
  • 1978: Dylan: Life and Death of a Poet, a BBC Wales film of Thomas' final two visits to America; directed by Richard Lewis.
  • 1990–91: Dylan Thomas: Return Journey, a one-man stage show that toured internationally, featuring Bob Kingdom as Thomas and directed by Anthony Hopkins. Hopkins later directed a film version of the stage play, to which he also wrote the musical score.
  • 2008: The Edge of Love starring Matthew Rhys as the poet, directed by John Maybury, written by Sharman Macdonald, and drawing on David N. Thomas' book Dylan Thomas: A Farm, Two Mansions and a Bungalow.
  • 2014: A Poet in New York starring Tom Hollander in the role of the debauched, melancholic and desperately ill Dylan playing out his final days in America with flashback sequences to family life at Laugharne