A Tour of Dylan's Uplands

To Begin at the beginning..’ - Under Milk
09:30am - 10:00am
Arrive at 5 Cwmdonkin Drive the birthplace of Wales most celebrated poet where visitors shall receive a warm welcome and a word on what’s in store.

'Here and here around here it was that the journey had begun of the one I was pursuing through the past’ - Return Journey
10:00am - 11:00am
We shall follow in Dylan’s footsteps, walking through the Uplands - we’ll pass Dylan's first school at 22 Mirador Crescent ‘so firm and kind and smelling of galoshes’ and into the main street which once had lots of local shops for all your day to day needs, including the Uplands Hotel (Dylan and his father DJ's watering hole), and Mrs Ferguson’s sweet shop where Dylan stole sweets as a boy. We’ll enter the Grove where once stood the ‘flea-pit’ picture house that fuelled Dylan’s love of film, see the site of where his first broadcasts were made and where the author Kingsley Amis once lived. We’ll then enter Cwmdonkin Park - Dylan's 'world within a world’ the famed setting of his poem ‘Hunchback in the Park’- before returning to the Birthplace.

‘I first saw the light of day in a provincial villa…A sweet baby, a precocious child, a rebellious boy, and a morbid youth…' - letter to Pamela Hansford Johnson
11:00am - 12:15pm
Tour the house where Dylan was born and lived for 23 years with his family, writing two-thirds of the material that would be used in his published work from the safe haven of his tiny bedroom. The house has been rescued from semi dereliction and restored to its condition as a new house when bought by the Thomas family in 1914 a few months before Dylan was born in the front bedroom.

What’s in Florrie’s pantry? - OPTIONAL 
12:15pm - 13:15pm
Dylan's Mam Florrie loved providing food for Dylan and his friends. Our buffet lunch at the Birthplace uses local produce including laverbread and cockles to give our visitors a true ‘taste of Wales.’

Prices are upon request
Please call (01792) 472 555 or email info@dylanthomasbirthplace.com