Ugly, lovely DRAFT

Join us for a convivial evening in the company of local writer Ken Blakemore and urban sketcher Bill Bytheway, who will discuss and answer questions on how they put together UGLY LOVELY, their recently published book of sketches of Swansea.

Refreshments and wine will be provided. 

Tickets - £8.00 

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Ken will talk about his word sketches of familiar Swansea scenes, events and characters, and he'll read some of the extracts that were inspired by the prose of Dylan Thomas. Bill will talk about his experiences of sketching places and people in Swansea, how he chose his subjects, and he'll demonstrate how his approach to sketching has evolved. The authors will be pleased to take part in a discussion on the representation of the ugly and lovely sides of Swansea, now and at the time when Dylan Thomas was writing about the town.

Following this, there will be an opportunity to view some of Bill's sketches and to discuss them with him. Also, anyone who likes drawing and sketching will be welcome to stay on to do a sketch or two in the Dylan Thomas birthplace.